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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine, although in practice for over 5000 years around the world, remains something of a mystery for patients here in the west. However, these ancient practices can bring real relief and better health when put into practice.
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 What we offer at our practice is not just “another” different type of healing for a specific health problem. Yes, of course we do want to know what condition caused you to seek us out for treatment, and we will certainly treat that problem. But our approach is more than that.

As practitioners of Chinese medicine, we are concerned about your overall health, not just a particular ache or pain or problem that is showing itself at the moment. During our initial consultation (which is at no charge to you) we will want to gather a complete picture of your current health condition. We will inquire about your health history, evaluate your current health situation, and also look closely at the current problem.

A large part of the Chinese medicine treatment that we offer includes the practice of acupuncture. Acupuncture has been performed in China for many thousands of years, and it has brought pain relief and good health to a large number of our patients.

The idea behind acupuncture is that we want to regulate the physiological functions of your body. All over your body are specific points where the meridians are at the surface of your skin; these specific points are called acupoints. Everyone has them; however, in traditional medicine they are not a part of treatment. Chinese medicine recognizes that the acupoints exist, and we use them to provide treatment.

In acupuncture, a very fine needle is inserted into an acupoint. At that point, one of several things can be done, depending on what type of acupuncture is being performed:

In Electro-Acupuncture, a small electrical impulse is delivered through the needle in order to stimulate the muscle in that area.

Moxibustion involves having an ignited cone (and some Chinese herbs) directly over the acupoint.

Cupping means that the acupoint will experience a suction effect due to the partial vacuum created by a glass jar or cup.

Ear acupuncture (or as it is officially called, Auricular Therapy) works directly with the ear. Chinese medicine holds that the ear has many acupoints, and each one represent another part of the body. The locations on the ear that we treat depend on what the currently problem is.

Acupoint Injection Therapy means that when the fine acupuncture needles are inserted, medicine (in liquid form) is injected through the needles into the skin. This combines the benefits of acupuncture with the healing effects of Chinese medicine herbs.

Acupressure is somewhat different from Acupuncture, in that there are no needles used. Acupressure merely uses the fingers of the practitioner, or a specific instrument with a hard head that is in the shape of a ball. Acupressure, when properly administered, can stimulate the muscles and tissue around the acupoint to achieve the same result as acupuncture.

Whatever your health issue is, large or small, we encourage you to come in and visit with us for a free initial consultation. Since it costs you nothing, you have nothing to lose. On the positive side, many of our patients leave our office feeling much better than they did when they walked in the door. Let us help you also!

Chinese medicine can help improve your health –
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We offer Chinese medicine throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, Clearwater and Westchase.

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