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Diet Therapy

As early as 3000 years ago, diet therapy was used in China for treating diseases. In ancient China, diet therapy was more favorable in the imperial families. It is the sign of their luxury life. As a portion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diet therapy is very popular not only for treating disease but also for health maintenance in China today. People are aware of what they eat and what is good for their health. There are numerous high-grade restaurants serving medicinal meals in China. Chinese medicinal meals are food cooked with Chinese eatable herbs. It is a good way to take herbal medicine with the favorite flavors.Food can be considered the medicinal herbs that we take three times a day. Being aware of what we eat can help to maintain internal balance and prevent disease on a daily basis. Dietary therapy provides a powerful tool for correcting disharmonies and is used in conjunction with acupuncture, herbal therapy, Tuina massage, and Qigong to restore balance to the Essential Substances, Organ Systems, and channels. Generally, diet therapy can help sedate excess, tonify deficiencies, cool off heat problems, warm up cold problems, moisten dry problems, and dry up excess dampness. Symptoms describe what you feel when you are not well. Signs are the manifestations of disharmony that guide Chinese medicine practitioners when identifying and diagnosing particular imbalances. Chinese Diet Therapy follows the same principles and theories of Traditional Chinese medicine.Watching your diet and eating medicinal meals is good for every body and all kinds of health conditions. For certain conditions, diets are as important as medicine. For example, diabetes, obesity, nephritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, gall bladder problems, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, prostate disease, and allergy related problems.

Dr. Fan’s Favorite recipes

Eight-Treasure Zhou (Porridge):


  1. Shan Yao (Chinese Yam): 10 Grams
  2. Lian Zi (lotus seeds): 10 Grams
  3. Yi Yi Ren (Pearl Barley): 10 Grams
  4. Bai He (Lily Bulb): 10 Grams
  5. Lu Dou(Mung Bean): 30 Grams or 1 OZ
  6. Gou Qi Zi (Wolfberry): 10 Grams
  7. Da Zao (Chinese Dates): 10 Pieces
  8. Rice: half cup

Preparation: Mix all above ingredients in a cooking pot or a crock-pot. Add 4 or 5 cups of water. Boil and simmer about 1 hour (simmer overnight if use a crock-pot). Proper amount of Bing Tang (Rock candy) can be added for flavor. Serves 2 or 3 people. It can be breakfast, lunch, or supper. It can be served with other dishes.

Functions: It is light and easy to digest. It is good for protecting the stomach and strengthening digestion. It benefits energy and helps you sleep. This recipe is also good for people with diabetes.

Beauty Soup:

  1. Mu Er(black wooden ear, an edible fungus): 2 OZ
  2. Yin Er(silver ear, white edible fungus): 2 OZ
  3. Lian Zi(lotus seeds): 20 pieces
  4. Da Zao(Chinese dates): 20 pieces

Preparation: Soak Mu Er and Yin Er about 1 hour and rinse them very well. Mix all the ingredients above in a cooking pot or crock-pot. Add 4 or 5 cups of water. Boil and simmer about 2 or 3 hours in regular pot then overnight in a crock-pot. Add proper amount rock candy and ready to serve 2 to3 people.

Functions: Beauty face and hairs. Promote blood circulation. Regulate menstruation.

Apricot Seeds and Day Lily Porridge:

  1. Tian Xing Ren(Sweet apricot seeds): 2 OZ
  2. Huang Hua Cai( Day Lily flower): 2 OZ
  3. Rice: half cup

Preparation: Soak day lily flowers and take the little stems off. Rinse them well and cut them in small pieces. Mix with apricot seeds and rice in a cooking pot or crock-pot. Add 4 or 5 cups of water. Boil and simmer about 1 hour in regular pot or overnight in a crock-pot. Add proper amount salt, diced ginger, and green onion. Add sesame seed oil for flavor. Serves 2 to3 people. It can be served for breakfast, lunch, and supper. It can be served with other dishes.

Functions: Benefit lungs, beauty skin, and promote blood circulation. It is good for treating chronic cough, improving one’s look, and lowers blood cholesterols.

We offer diet therapy for health in Tampa, Clearwater, Westchase, Oldsmar, Town 'n' Country, Lutz and Safety Harbor.

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