Books Published by Dr. Yali Fan

Chinese Self Massage Therapy

wellness booksAUTHOR: Dr. Yali Fan
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DESCRIPTION: Chinese self-massage is a safe, simple, and extremely effective therapy for both promoting health and remedying a number of diseases. It can be used as a part of one's total self-health regime or as an adjunct to other remedial treatments — whether Western or Eastern. In particular, Chinese self-massage is a great adjunct to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, or Qigong. In this book, Dr. Fan teaches a number of self-massage protocols for everything from beautifying the skin to treating diabetes and obesity. Men and women of all ages will find easy-to-do treatments for a wide variety of complaints.

Chinese Pediatric Massage Therapy

chinese pediatric therapyAUTHOR: Dr. Yali Fan
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DESCRIPTION: A Parent's & Practitioner's Guide to the Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Disease. Chinese remedial infant massage or xiao er Tuina is a safe, non-invasive, low cost, and extremely effective therapy for the treatment of a wide variety of common childhood ailments. Unlike Western infant massage, Chinese infant massage uses very specific protocols or treatments for specific ailments. Most common childhood complaints respond in only one or two treatments. Dr. Fan teaches both parents and practitioners alike how to diagnose and treat the most common pediatric complaints with Chinese infant massage.